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At MCAP, we seek to hire talented people and innovative problem solvers that believe the relationships we create and how we work with each other matters.  Corporate culture development is important and we look for candidates that will grow both personally and professionally with us.  We strive to create cohesive groups with diverse and complimentary skill sets that build each other up.  If you would like to learn more about our team, please click on the link below.

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About:  MCAP LLC

MCAP is an electronic market maker in various security types including ADRs, Foreign Ordinary Shares, ETFs, US Treasuries, Corporates, MBS, Agencies and money market instruments.  MCAP’s digital trading technologies connect institutional investors, broker-dealers and companies to the global equity and fixed income markets.  MCAP acts as a principal and utilizes proprietary technology to provide executable prices on various platforms, exchanges, and market centers.  We actively collaborate to develop software solutions to improve market liquidity, increase execution speed and foster greater transparency.  MCAP focuses on developing innovative technologies to provide institutional customers with customized trading solutions and unique global market access.


The Position

We are looking to hire an experienced ETF trader who can help us price and trade ETFs for our existing customers.  In addition, the candidate should have an extensive background in developing ETF pricing models, hedging strategies, and managing risk.


Desired Skills and Experience

  • 5+ years of market-making experience and comprehensive understanding of all aspects of ETF trading

  • Able to work in a fast-pasted, collaborative environment

  • Strong problem-solving and risk management skills

  • Comfortable managing and collaborating with a team of traders

  • Strong communication skills with the ability to adapt under pressure