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 Innovative Trading Solutions

for a Global Marketplace 


MCAP LLC is a financial technology developer, electronic market maker and global securities markets operator.  MCAP’s digital trading technologies connect institutional investors, broker-dealers and companies to the global equity and fixed income markets, including American Depository Receipts (ADRs), Foreign Ordinary Shares, US Treasuries, Corporates, Mortgage Backed Securities, ETFs and money market instruments. MCAP acts as a principal and utilizes proprietary technology to provide executable prices on various platforms, exchanges and market centers.  We actively develop software solutions to improve market liquidity, increase execution speed and foster greater transparency. MCAP focuses on developing innovative technologies in order to provide institutional customers with customized trading solutions and unique global market access.


MCAP is a technology focused company built on innovation, creativity and collaboration.  We operate in complex global financial markets and continually work to improve our execution quality and customer trading experience through technology.  We strive to foster the entrepreneurial feeling of a high energy, fast growing company. We encourage our people to take initiative in order to solve important matters they believe will improve our company.

New York

1633 Broadway

28th Floor

New York, NY 10019

+1 212.750.1045

+1 917.258.2005 Fax


390 N Orange Ave

28th Floor

Orlando, FL 32801

+1 407.205.0200

+1 407.205.0210 Fax


6th Floor

Basildon House

7-11 Moorgate

London, UK


+1 212.607.8182

+44 20.3056.0956

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