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Global Market Specialists

Electronic Market Making

MCAP provides electronic market making and technology services for institutional customers that have quickly grown accustomed to our transparent and efficient market making philosophy.  We strive to create transparent and efficient markets globally.  Liquidity is powered by our proprietary technology and platforms designed to provide seamless execution for our customers.  Our market making effort focuses on ADR’s, Foreign Ordinaries, US Treasuries, including T-Bills, Notes, Bonds, TIPS, STRIPS, Agency MBS, ETF’s and various money market instruments.

Execution Quality

Our technologies and algorithms allow MCAP to provide markets with confidence and efficiency.  Our platforms provide instant access to global pricing, analyst ratings, company filings, news articles and corporate actions for thousands of securities while automating critical activities such as identifying market movement and actionable items based on unique preference sets.  In addition, our full suite of auto-execution capabilities ensures immediate executions in active issues.

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