Private Placements

US Private Placements Secondary

MCAP brings liquidity to this illiquid market.  We have continued contact across the USPP investment community from the smallest to the largest, enabling us to provide quick execution for buyers and sellers at attractive prices.  Our market access is an important asset allowing quick new issues when we find extensive appetite and unsatisfied demand on the buy side.  MCAP is also an available third party source for USPP investors that have a total return strategy and need market feedback for internal pricing purposes.

New Issues

The Group has particular expertise in domestic and cross border capital raises for issuers that can benefit from a dedicated team that undertakes thorough due diligence and gets the story right.  USPP Group Co-Head Michael Lau has completed transactions for issuers in over 15 countries often with complex but good credit stories.  We focus on getting the best execution for our client – the Issuer.  Our managed auction distribution protocol is executed by the same individuals that undertake the due diligence at the issuer eliminating any confusion in getting the core message to the potential investors.  MCAP’s secondary USPP trading business, with daily broad market contact, enables MCAP to provide issuers with optimal pricing, structures and efficient execution.  We are particularly effective in executing quick, bolt-on capital raises for existing issuers.

Advisory & Amendments

MCAP is active in assisting issuers with their investor relations.  We are happy to assist in conference calls, presentations and non-deal roadshows.  It is our experience that issuers that keep in good contact with their investors get better treatment by investors in tough times, market down-turns or any amendment process.  MCAP also has strong relationships with the credit rating agencies and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).  We are experienced in undertaking new ratings or appeals of ratings downgrades or of NAIC designations. 

MCAP is one of the few firms that gladly undertake USPP amendment engagements.  The best of issuers need amendments from time to time, and MCAP’s market knowledge and investor access enables us to provide quick and efficient execution of amendments with optimal outcomes.

Investment Banking Contacts


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Managing Director

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MCAP LLC is a member of FINRA/SIPC. MCAP LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of MCAP Technologies LLC.