MCAP LLC is a member of FINRA/SIPC. MCAP LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of MCAP Technologies LLC.

Technology Solutions

Innovative Technology Solutions

MCAP develops innovative trading solutions and technologies to support transactions in OTC securities, primarily focused on ADRs, Foreign Ordinaries, US Treasuries, US Agencies and MBS. Through our proprietary software platforms we are able to provide real-time visibility into trending news, corporate actions and global market activity  Our proprietary systems monitor real-time exchange data in over 50 global markets containing in excess of 50,000 unique tickers. They display actionable information and facilitate the setting and maintaining of pricing in the market. These technologies translate into smarter human decisions, better execution speed, market transparency, greater liquidity and reduced market impact.

Execution Quality

Our technologies and algorithms allow MCAP to provide markets with confidence and efficiency.  Our platforms provide instant access to global pricing, analyst ratings, company filings, news articles and corporate actions for thousands of securities while automating critical activities such as identifying market movement and actionable items based on unique preference sets.  In addition, our full suite of auto-execution capabilities ensures immediate executions in active issues.